Photography for Limo Service Los Angeles

Photography for Limo Service Los Angeles

Wow is what I can say for the Cyber Photography that was done for one of my businesses at Limo Service Los Angeles! Incredible photography at it’s finest. What did I expect from a great referral company that was given to me by one of my business associates, after all, they have hired them countless times for various projects.

Limo Service Los Angeles

What does one think of when hiring a limousine? Well, the first thing is that the limo is gorgeous on the outside and just oustanding on the inside with all the bells and whistles. I know when I think of an elegant limousine, I think of the sexiest, finest automobile and then on the inside it has everything and anything you can think of as far as amenities! Wouldn’t you think the same for a limousine….

So, with that hiring the best choice for photography is a no-brainer also. If you are riding in the most luxurious limousine service Los Angeles, then you best have the best photographer in town! Riding in one of these beautiful automobiles gives you such a feeling of excitement. You just can’t wipe the smile off your face the entire ride and it’s usually for hours on end…

Limousine service los angeles

Anyway, thought I’d let you all know if you are in need of a great cyber photographer let me know by reaching out to me on my contact page. I’d be more than happy to share with you the name of this company and the number. I’d love to hear from all of you also on what you think after you use them because I’ve only heard the best so far!

With all that said above, if you are in need of a beautiful LA Limo go to their website below:

Let them know the bloggers at Cyber Photography sent ya and you’ll get a little discount, anything helps right!

Roofers Atlanta – Fast Business Loans Helped

Fast Business Loans Helped My Roofers Atlanta Biz

We realized as with any loan that the cost is an important issue when choosing from all the available fast business loans. However, sometimes “fast” and “easy” are is the most important part for any small business owner to attain the funds needed to assist with their business. My company at Roofers Atlanta needed funding to be able to grow. We got it and thank God above that we did!

This is exactly what happened for my roofing business. We were doing good, making a decent income of over $7k monthly, however my FICO scores were less than desirable to say the least! You know bad things happen to good people. So, I reached out to Business Loans Los Angeles. They were referred to me by a close family member which got a loan from them to buy new equipment for their restaurant. They received the monies needed within 4 days! Right there blew me away. Working with any banking institution for a loan is just insane frustrating to say the least.

For example, SBA loans that are from banking institutions are key for keeping the loan costs down, however, the blood-giving application and horrendous underwriting process will take months to get you, the small business owner, the funds you need today! As in my case, I couldn’t wait for months to be funded, I had to take care of an emergency repair to one of my most expensive roofing piece of equipment.

Business Loans online lenders will definitely provide quick, simple business loans at a much higher approval rate than the banking institutions. Roofers Atlanta, my business, got an approval within 2 days.

Fast business loans from Business Loans Los Angeles:

  • In need of cash within a day or two
  • Annual revenue of at least $75,000
  • No need to worry abotu FICO scores

Business Loans is the lender for fast business loans. All you simple do is fill out a couple of questions, hit the submit button and you will be contacted to move forward from that point on. I’m personally referring this company for your business when in need of fast business loans!

roofers atlanta



Photography – National Medical Billing Companies?

Photography – National Medical Billing Companies?

Photography and national medical billing companies? What the heck is this about anyway? Well, what this is about is we love photgraphy, however, our photos are only on professional business industries. Hence, the medical billing companies. We are finding that photographing the health industry is really a sought-after subject, believe it or not.

Many professionals who own these health practices, be it a doctor, dentist, chiropractor, etc., they need a reliable and honest medical billing company, but there is such a lack of them out there at this time. We believe the health industry is growing at such a fast rate that these smaller national medical billing companies have a hard time educating, training and hiring reliable medical billers. This is the reason why we are killing two birds with one stone so to speak. We are using our skills to bring subjects up to the public that are important and need to be talked about.

What we have found by speaking with these owners of the health practices is that they try to do their own medical billing. This is the first mistake. After all, office staff is there to do all the other documentation needed. They are not there to handle the billing. When these practices outsource their billing to the professionals then the practice can focus on the patients, which is what all of you are there for.

The bottom line is this, the doctors have their practice to assist patients with their health. The national medical billing companies professionals assist health practices with the billing. Each one has their own expertise. So, it only makes sense that each professional would assist the other one. Medical Billing Quotes is a service that offers practices multiple offers from the best medical billing companies available.

Click here to see their site!





Our Best Photograph – Medical Billing Quotes Health Industry

Our Best Photograph – Medical Billing Quotes Health Industry

We just got back from a trip from New York City! Beautiful place to visit that’s for sure. What we did in New York, aside from going out every night, is photograph the health industry that is in place on the East Coast. One of our photographs is on the medical billing quotes services side of things. The health industry is probably one of the best paying and money-making industries in our USA today.

We know while visiting in the NY City area, the population is much like LA, however it is much busier and faster-paced type of city. We are very involved in the health communities everywhere we can be a part of. The below video is on National Medical Billing Service nationwide.

We slowly going to be adding a Gallery here with a ton of our photographs to let everyone see! We are excited to do this. As I was saying above, in regards to our health industry, it’s so strange that it is very different in other states. I was under the impression our rules and regulations were nationwide. So, what we did is as we were traveling we took down the information on every states medical practices. What we came to find is our over-priced every part of this industry really is.

This isn’t a surprise to most, however, the amount that we are over-charged is just ridiculous. Below are a couple of photos of people working in the medical billing and coding industry while at their offices.

medical billing quotes

This was one of the companies we came in on, took a few pictures and they gracefully brought us into their conference room and spoke with us about this entire business. Sincerely said, they were so brutally honest about this industry and we thank them for this opportunity they gave us! Thank you and here’s their business site:

Well, keep coming back and reading our material, it’s gonna be so enlightening for all…